Free for Non-Commercial Use

Use HDCharts for a personal website, an educational site or a non-profit organization free of charge. A small link to our website will be displayed in the corner of your charts. For use on commercial websites and projects, see License and Pricing.

Full Compatibility in a Single Library

With HDCharts you can run your graphs on any browser, platform or device. Based on native browser technologies they don’t require client side plugins like Flash or Java. You can display your data anywhere you need by downloading a single JavaScript library.

Consistent Performance

With HDCharts, you get the same fantastic look for all of your charts regardless of the platform, browser or amount of data. Regular product updates provide constantly improving performance which is vital for professional users.

Fully Customizable

HDCharts allows you to easily change the entire appearance of your graphs by customizing each element. Add extra details, change colors and edit elements to attain the look and feel you want.

Easy to Integrate

HDCharts is easy to integrate with your existing systems, applications or websites. The intuitive interface, extensive documentation and easy to understand code samples allow you to swiftly integrate and optimize your workflow saving much time and effort.


By using our unique and beautifully designed charts, you may display your data in a variety of languages. There will be no longer barriers which limit your perfect performance. Your message will be delivered as meant to be delivered without any misunderstandings.

Multiple Chart Types

Display your data in the best way to appropriately communicate your message. HDCharts supports Multiple Chart Types and modifications like Bar, Column, Pie, Line, Gauge graphs and more. For more information, please visit our Chart Gallery.

Tooltip Labels

See more details. The Tooltip Labels feature makes your HDCharts rich in information, allowing users to see a short explanation for a specific dataset. Customize the tooltips to provide the most relevant information.

Highlight Individual Data

Easily draw attention to any data series. Highlight a particular data series using mouse over to focus on it. Simply move the mouse to another series to change the focus.

Go to the 3rd Dimension

Enhance the appearance and perception of your charts. HDCharts 3D effects will make the data more interesting and understandable to the user.